My Friend is Pregnant - What Can I Do to Help Her?


Your friend just took a home pregnancy test. She calls you, her trusted friend, in a state of panic over her positive result. Your mind races, flooded with emotions, unsure of what to say next. You want to say the right things, and you want your friend to do the right thing for her life.

It's important to:

  • Listen to your friend
  • Support her
  • Offer her help

The first and very best thing you can do for your friend in this moment is listen to her. Find somewhere safe and private where your friend can open up and confide in you. She is sharing sensitive news, so be attentive and try to gently reflect back what she is telling you so that she feels heard and understood. Do your best to avoid interrupting her, judging her, or interjecting your opinions without permission. 

Support is the next step. Your friend will need to make decisions about her pregnancy, and she may be feeling afraid and alone. Do your best to stay positive, encourage her, and let her know that you are here for her every step of the way. 

Finally, offer to help her find the resources she may need. Tell her about Birth Choice, and let her know she can talk to someone at our clinic who can confidentially confirm her pregnancy through a free medical-grade pregnancy test. She can also get a free sonogram to determine how far along she is. Our compassionate client advocates are here to listen and talk through your friend's situation, providing accurate answers and information along the way. We will discuss all of her options and help her navigate the road ahead. We also have an extensive range of resources and referrals that can help her move forward with confidence and peace of mind

An unplanned pregnancy can be intimidating, but you have the opportunity to be there for your friend in a special way by listening to her, supporting her, and offering her help. She is lucky to have you.

For more information, call Birth Choice at 214-631-2402 or schedule an appointment online


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Thursday, 21 October 2021