Free Pregnancy Tests

Our Pregnancy Tests

Birth Choice offers free urine pregnancy testing. These types of pregnancy tests are aimed at producing the most accurate results.

If you believe you may be pregnant, please schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test at any of our Birth Choice locations. Birth Choice uses a urine-based pregnancy test that is 97 - 99% accurate.

Urine-Based Pregnancy Tests

We offer free laboratory quality pregnancy tests with results before you leave the clinic.

Urine-based pregnancy tests measure the presence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone produced by the placenta.  Diluted urine at the time of your urine pregnancy test could affect results. The more concentrated the urine, the greater the concentration of HCG (the hormone that determines the likelihood of pregnancy) and the greater the chances of an accurate pregnancy test result.

Women with low levels of HCG can test positive for pregnancy when testing with their first morning urination, but have a negative pregnancy test later in the same day. This generally occurs because of higher concentrations of HCG in the morning.

If a woman goes to a Birth Choice late in the day, after consuming liquids, her urine will be diluted and there may not be a high enough level of HCG to detect pregnancy. If there is a question about the test results, it is recommended to confirm the results by retesting the following day using a first morning sample.

At Birth Choice we provide pregnancy testing and will walk through all of your options with you. We have a warm and loving staff that is ready to help and support you.