Free Ultrasound

Our Free Limited Ultrasound Exam

While a pregnancy test can indicate whether or not you are pregnant, an ultrasound can more accurately tell you how far along you are, confirm that the pregnancy is located within the uterus and detect a heartbeat.

We provide free limited ultrasounds between approximately 9 and 13 weeks of pregnancy (based on the last menstrual period).

Ultrasounds are non-diagnostic, and serve to confirm pregnancy and gestational age. During your first appointment, you’ll receive a free medical consultation from a nurse who will determine whether or not you are eligible for the ultrasound procedure.

Pregnancy Calculator

You can figure out an estimation on how far along you with this pregnancy calculator. Then an ultrasound at Birth Choice can confirm these results.

Pregnancy Calculator

At Birth Choice we provide pregnancy testing and will walk through all of your options with you. We have a warm and loving staff that is ready to help and support you.