Helping You

Many couples who experience an unexpected pregnancy worry about how they will deal with it. With our resources, we can help you navigate through these issues and specifically address your needs as a man and as a prospective father.

We can provide you with practical help in areas such as:

  • Education on all pregnancy options

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a father

  • How to support the mother of your child

  • How to be an effective father

Here are some ideas on how to help your partner during this time:

  • Tell her you will be there and available for her during this time.

  • Listen to what she is sharing with you.

  • Help her research your options; work together to make an informed, healthy decision.

  • Talk about it with people in your life who care and those whom you trust.

  • Avoid putting pressure on her to have an abortion - it is best to work through this situation together.

We will listen and help you think through your personal situation and options