Pregnancy Confirmation

Could You Be Pregnant?

We can help guide you through the next steps to confirm.

How We Can Help:

Pregnancy Confirmation

  • Come In For A Pregnancy Confirmation

    The first step is a confidential consultation with one of our trained pregnancy counselors. During this time, we provide a medical-quality pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy and discuss your situation.

  • Receive A Free Ultrasound Upon Qualification

    For clients who qualify, we offer free, state-of-the-art ultrasounds performed by a licensed medical professional. An ultrasound in our center can confirm whether or not your pregnancy is viable and determine how far along you are.

  • Make Your Choice

    After your ultrasound, you and your counselor will discuss the legal options available, depending on which point you are at in your pregnancy. We will assist you in making a choice that you feel confident in and provide ongoing support during and after your pregnancy.

We can also provide the correct paperwork to verify your pregnancy for insurance or Medicaid.